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A Voice for Animals Contest

Our 2014 contest is now closed

Our judges are hard at work reading the entries for the 2014 contest. We will announce the winners on or before Monday, August 25th 2014.

Prizes totalling $6000 will be awarded to high school students whose essays best promote the humane treatment of animals, including:
$750 First Prize (Video)
$500 Second Prize (Video)
$400 Third Prize (Video)
$500 First Prize (Essay/Photographs)
$300 Second Prize (Essay/Photographs)
$200 Third Prize (Essay/Photographs)
$400 First Prize (Blog/Facebook page)
$300 Second prize (Blog/Facebook page)
$200 Third Prize (Blog/Facebook page)
$500 First Prize (Personal Involvement Project by 15-16 year old)
$400 Second Prize (Personal Involvement Project by 15-16 year old)
$300 Third Prize (Personal Involvement Project by 15-16 year old)
$350 First Prize (Essay by 14-15 year old)
$250 Second Prize (Essay by 14-15 year old)
$150 Third Prize (Essay by 14-15 year old)

The 2014 competition is open! We are again sponsored in part by the Animal Welfare Institute and the Palo Alto Humane Society. We thank them as always for their support.

Previous winners

Select a winning essay and click the Read Essay button. The essay will open as a PDF file in another window.
(Essays shown in gray are not currently available online.)

Contest FAQ

No. This is an contest with a set of rules and cash prizes. We advertise the contest on scholarship web sites to reach the largest number of eligible high school students.

The dates are usually announced on our web site mid-December after the judges have finalized the rules. The contest usually opens for entries in January and closes in March with results being announced in May.

The rules and requirements for each contest may vary from year to year. The rules for the 2015 contest will appear on this page when the contest dates are announced in December.

Entries are accepted only between the contest opening and closing dates. The online form for submitting entries does not appear on this page until the contest opens.

Your entry must be submitted online using a form which appears on this page only while the contest is open for entries. Entries sent to us in any other way (e.g. e-mail or via the postal service) will simply be discarded.

Questions about the A Voice for Animals contest may be sent to contest@hennet.org. E-mail to any other address will not necessarily receive a response.