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To raise awareness, especially amongst young people, regarding animal suffering throughout the world, whether it be domesticated animals, animals in the wild or animals raised for human consumption.


HEN originally came into being as the Humane Legislative Network in the 1970s and was started by Sylvia Bancroft and Ginny Shefchick. At that time they worked on alerting local constituents when legislators were voting on a California bill relating to animal welfare. During those years they also worked with the Palo Alto Humane Society and the Fund for Animals. In 1985 Sylvia Bancroft founded the Humane Education Network and developed a mailing list of 2,200 supporters; a newsletter was sent out regularly and a data base supporting animal welfare was developed. Sylvia worked tirelessly for the rest of her life in what as she called "animal protection." Sylvia died in 2010 but her worked continues, principally in an annual multi-media contest for high school students. The students can write essays or submit videos related to animal issues and we encourage them to also be involved with an animal issue on an active level. Submissions come from all over the world and we are very proud to continue Sylvia's work. We are now assisted in our work by the Animal Welfare Institute in Washington DC.

Board Members

  • Jenness Hobart
  • Gloria Modrell
  • Sue Keddington